You can compare many international calling apps that offer the best international Calling Plans for abroad calling. If you want cheap rates for abroad call. Slickcall is the best international calling app that offers the most affordable plans to call any country over the globe.

No matter where your friends and family live, Slickcall is an easy way to help you connect with your loved ones.

Which app offers the best plan?

If you are finding out the best plans for overseas calling, you need to choose the Slickcall app for your international calls. The benefit to choosing this WiFi calling app is that it doesn’t charge any extra charges except for the plan customer subscribe to. No hidden fee or extra charges is accommodated by Slickcall. So, feel free to connect with the Slickcall app!

Choose the right plan for international calling

Choose the right international calling plan that may long run and money saver for you. Slickcall is the best option among other apps for you. They offer cheap plans for subscription to call anywhere in the globe. So choose wisely!

How to subscribe calling plans with Slickcall?

You need to follow some steps for subscribing to the best international calling plans:

  • Download the Slickcall app
  • Go to " Account"
  • Go for "Calling plans"
  • Select your desired country
  • Choose a daily or monthly plan
  • Select the payment method (Pay with a wallet or card)

Here you go for your unlimited international calling with the cheapest international calling plans.

What about Prepaid international calling plans?

For prepaid users, to find out plans for abroad calling is a pain. You will find out costly prepaid international call plans when you compare apps. The Slickcall app wins by offering low-rate prepaid calling plans for international calling. All you need to do is:

This app is very easy to use for international calling and to get connected to people who live far.

Enjoy daily and monthly calling plans

Slickcall gives you the choice to select your monthly international calling plans according to your need. It can be weekly or monthly. If you want to call for a day you can subscribe to a daily plan. And if you need to call for the whole month then the monthly plan is best. Enjoy international calling with Slickcall!

Easily get in touch with your business clients abroad

If you’re a businessman or a company holder. You don’t need to hassle while meetings and conferences. Just use the Slickcall app, select the country, activate a plan accordingly, and make your international calls successfully.

Use Wi-Fi for better-quality calling

For experiencing good quality calls you need to use the Slickcall app over Wi-Fi. A good internet connection is always a reason to clear and smooth voice calls. This app is used over WiFi only and offers the best international Calling Plans.  You can omit long distances between your friends and family with just one call.

Why Slickcall calling plans are best for international calling?

Slickcall is the most trending app used for international calling. The calling plans are not expensive. You can make reliable international calls at affordable calling rates for abroad calling.

What does Slickcall offer the best?

Slickcall is considered the best app for unlimited international calling plans. They offer:

  • Best rates that are in the budget
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Call on any international landline and mobile number
  • No hidden fee
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • Allows calling over 150+ countries
  • International calling over WiFi
  • Supportive to both Android and IOS devices

And more! So join the Slickcall app today for more exciting features!

Final verdict

A great feeling is to connect to your family and friends when they are far abroad. One of the finest international calling apps Slickcall offers you reasonable calling rates for overseas calling in any country. Slickcall allows you to call on any landline or mobile number. This app works over WiFi and gives you great call quality within your budget.


How does Slickcall international call work?

Slickcall international calling app is used to call the person who is living overseas. You just need to use the Slickcall app over WiFi to call anytime in any country over the globe. You can activate an international calling plan according to your need and can make calls on landline and mobile numbers.

Does it cost money to call on WIFI internationally?

With Slickcall you can make unlimited international calls over WiFi. And you just need to subscribe to a plan and here you go for your international calling. No extra fee will be deducted for your calls. Isn't it interesting?

Can Slickcall call landlines?

Yes, you can choose the best international calling plans for landline calling all over the world. Slickcall offers a low price for international landline calling.

Can I use Slickcall abroad?

Slickcall is an international calling app you can use to call all over the world in any country. It offers the best international Calling Plans, to choose from according to your budget, and make calls with no worries.